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Tuppence Magazine isn’t just about our opinions, it’s about yours too. If you’ve read a book, listened to an album, been to a gig, seen a film, watched something on TV, seen a show, played a computer game, been to an exhibition, eaten out or added something to your wardrobe and want to write about it then send it in to us at Tuppence. If your review is well written, over 400 words and interesting then it’ll definitely get considered.

The benefits of review club:

  • Content published online and visible to the world with your name on it.
  • An audience for your thoughts and opinions.
  • A great reference for employers for your online content as an example of your published writing skills.
  • For teenagers & students, there’s a review writing competition.
  • Get your take on the world off your chest, initiate debate and bring good things to the masses.

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Enter our review writing competition for teenagers and students.

The rules of review club:

The rules for submitting reviews to Tuppence Magazine are simple and by submitting a review you are agreeing to them:

1. The review that you send in must be your own work – you can’t send in copy written by anyone else. No plagiarism allowed. Only send in unique content.

2. Reviews need to be more than 400 words in length, have a sharp title and relate to one of the many topics covered on the site.

3. By sending in a review, you grant us the rights to use it – we will be able to publish it anywhere on the website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, social networking and bookmarking sites or syndicate through RSS. We would also be able to change where it appears, including the category, at any time. By sending in your review, you give the rights to it to Tuppence Magazine.

4. Submitting a review does not entitle you to financial compensation of any kind – You will not necessarily receive compensation for reviews that you submit. However, we will be hosting competitions from time to time. This will be solely at the discretion of Tuppence Magazine

5. Sending in a review doesn’t guarantee that the review will be published on Tuppence Magazine – publishing reviews will be solely at the discretion of Tuppence Magazine’s editor.

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